AIAC19 2021 Committee

AIAC19 comes together thanks to the enormous and collective efforts of the Conference Committee which consists of:

Aerospace Committee

  • Adam Groszek, QinetiQ, Committee Chair
  • Ben Main, Defence Science and Technology, Deputy Aerospace Chair            

Organising Committee

  • Don Love, Industry Liaison
  • Neil Matthews, Industry Liaison
  • Adnan Raghdo, Industry Liaison
  • Greg Ferguson, AMDA, Airshow Liaison
  • Andrew Neely, Australian Defence Force Academy
  • Pier Marzocca,  RMIT University
  • Raj Das, RMIT University
  • Cees Bil, RMIT University
  • Roger Franzen, National Committee for Space Engineering Chair                                     
  • Waruna Seneviratne, NIAR                                      
  • Sonja Jenkinson, Defence Aviation Safety Authority             
  • Jana Madabhushi, Defence Aviation Safety Authority            
  • Alex Harman, Defence Science and Technology                      
  • Andrew Rider, Defence Science and Technology

HUMS Committee

  • Joanna Kappas, Defence Science and Technology, Conference Chair
  • Tony Galati, Defence Science and Technology, Co-Conference Chair