Call for Abstracts

Last update 15/04/2021



Abstracts are invited for the Australian International Aerospace Congress 2021 (AIAC19). The theme of the Congress is “New Technologies in Aerospace operations and sustainment”. If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration by the Technical Committee, you must also intend to register for the Congress. Online submission is the only method for submitting abstracts.

Abstracts are sought for papers and/or presentations for delivery at the Congress (Monday and Tuesday) Melbourne CBD. The abstracts must describe research and/ or a significant body of work, including from within industry, academia and defence.

Journal Opportunity.

“The Aeronautical Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) plans to issue a special AIAC19 edition of selected papers presented at the congress ( The Aeronautical Journal contains original papers on all aspects of research, design and development, construction and operation of aircraft and space vehicles. Authors of nominated papers will be invited to submit a journal paper, which will go through the regular journal review process.”

Abstracts must be submitted under one of the following themes:


Space Technology


If you wish to submit an abstract for consideration by the Technical Committee, you must also intend to register for the Congress. Online submission is the only accepted method of submitting abstracts.

Abstracts for AIAC19 must be submitted under one of the themes (click here to view) and as one of the following formats:

Presentation Types

Oral presentation

An oral presentation consists of a brief talk and question and answer session. Presentation slides, video clips and props are encouraged but not compulsory.

Should your abstract be accepted into the program it is a condition of presentation that an author must move to the Paper submission process. No paper no presentation at the Congress.

Poster presentation (only available for AIAC and SPACE submissions)

A poster presentation consists of visual information (photos, graphics, text, tables and figures) that will be displayed at the Congress in a poster format.

Avalon Technical Presentations (Avalon Airshow)

A Presentation brief is sought on Application Technologies, relevant to Aerospace,  under various stages of development for the “Technology  Sessions” on-site at the Avalon Air-show (Wednesday and Thursday Mornings). 

The focus and scope of the brief need to cover aspects of design philosophy, development status, system specification, trials and TRL.

  • Background (150 words)
  • Design & Development (250 words)
  • System Specifications (100 words)
  • Application Status on Platforms (250 words)
  • Future Development Plans (150 words)

General Policies and Requirements for Abstract Submission

Important Information

  • Call for abstracts submission deadline 11:59 pm Friday 9 April 2021.
  • Authors may submit multiple abstracts but please note only one will be chosen for the program.
  • A maximum of two people can present an abstract but both presenters must be registered to attend the Congress.
  • If the abstract is selected, consent is provided for the presentation slides (for oral presenters), video, audio recording and photos taken during the oral presentation to be used and published by AIAC19 including being provided to delegates of AIAC19.
  • Online submission is the only method for submitting abstracts for AIAC19.
  • Please note: your abstract will not be included in the program if you do not register and pay for your registration.

How to submit an abstract for AIAC19 2021

  • An eOrganiser account must be created in order to submit an abstract.
  • Upon creating eOrganiser account submitting authors will be asked to verify their email address. If a verification email is not received, please check the spam or junk folder.


Abstract/Technical Presentation Submission Guidelines

  • All abstracts/technical presentation submission must be prepared in the format specified in the Abstract Submission Guidelines.
  • The abstract must be written in English.
  • It is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure that the abstract is submitted correctly.
  • Authors must provide a biography (maximum of 100 words) and photograph (a passport style photograph in high resolution up to 2MB) at the time of abstract submission. Photos and bios for co-authors may also be provided but are optional.
  • Call for abstracts submission deadline 11:59pm Friday 9 April 2021.

Post submitting

  • Upon abstract submission, authors will be sent a confirmation email containing their abstract in a PDF file. Please contact [email protected] if a confirmation email is not received.
  • The abstract should not be resubmitted for any reason other than if notified of a submission error.
  • Authors can view or edit their abstracts by returning to their online account and by selecting 'Submissions'. Edits can be made to abstracts until the review process begins.


  1. By submitting an abstract or technical presentation submission authors agree to the General Policies and Requirements listed above and the Speaker/Author Agreement.
  2. Accepted presenters must be registered for the Congress by the end of August 2021. Please note you will be able to choose if you wish to present in person at the venue or virtually during this process. It is also a condition of presentation that if you are accepted all authors must move to paper submission, authors choice to select peer reviewed or non peer-reviewed.
  3. All presenting authors are required to register and pay to attend the Congress to ensure their abstract is included in the final program, no funding or discounts are available to presenters.