We are excited to be presenting a high quality program virtually. For the first time, the Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM) will be held in conjunction with the Australian International Aerospace Congress (AIAC). 

With applied mechanics bridging the gap between engineering theory and its application to technology, ACAM is a congress that will compliment and expand upon the exciting innovations and technologies explored in AIAC.

The combined AIAC19 and ACAM10 program will feature presentations from International and Australian speakers.

Broaden your career horizons, strengthen your skills, and open up new professional opportunities by attending both congresses across a 3-day program which you can download a PDF copy below:

Last updated 28/11/2021 8:10pm


*Please note this program is subject to change.

Should you wish to learn more about 10th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics, please visit the ACAM website.

CPD hours

Members of Engineers Australia can claim CPD hours for presenting at and attending.

For every hour of scheduled program content EA members are able to claim 1 CPD hour.